Top qualities women look for in their men


Women have for long been known to be one of the most perplex species created by God Almighty. However, when it comes to their men and their choices, they have a pretty good laundry list of all the attributes they want their Man to possess. Let us help you shed some light on some essential qualities that women want their men to possess.


  1. Passion: Win over your lady with your passion and zeal! These qualities make you more attractive than regular men. Women love to see intense passion in their man, emotionally and physically.
  2. Confidence: Women love to show off and be beside a confident man. The way they talk and carry themselves speaks volumes about their self esteem.
  3. Humour: Women love men with a good sense of humour. It helps them to unwind even in the tensest situations.
  4. Faithful: In a world where cheating and lying has become second nature for most people; women cherish a relationship more if they know that her man is utterly faithful to her.
  5. Mysterious: Women like excitement and what is better is if her man has a slight mysterious aura around him! Being secretive does not necessarily amount to lying but creating an impression of not telling everything to her. Slow revelation works best.
  6. Altruistic: Being selfless with time and money is something that women really look forward in their man. Money means donations and charity whereas time means being a helpful ear or a shoulder to lean on. Don’t go overboard or else it will backfire!
  7. Kindness: Being kind is another trait that women love in their man. Not only do they enjoy a great relationship but feel secure with a man who treats them right and with respect.

With all these qualities under your hat, you are sure to win over your woman in your special way. To show her how much you care, send her special flowers online and see that smile spread across her face. Now delivers flowers online to Noida and NCR at your behest.