Congratulate Your Loved Ones with Flowers

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Has your son or daughter fared well in higher studies or got a promotion of late? Boy, will you feel overjoyed at the achievement! Several instances in life call for a celebration. If a friend’s wedding got recently fixed or if a loved one has been blessed with a healthy baby or someone you are close to has made it big in some way, there’s every reason to make him or her feel special.

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There isn’t a better way than flowers to convey your heartiest wishes to someone who deserves it indeed for a wonderful accomplishment. Flowers speak the language of love and care much better than any other gesture. When you gift flowers to someone, spend some time to work on the following so that the bouquet turns out to be just the way the person will like. If your loved one is away, avail the services of an online florist such as Flowers And You to send flowers to Delhi.

Choose the person’s favourite flowers from the umpteen choices available at a local store or at the virtual store of an online florist. Roses, tulips, daisies, daffodils, carnations, orchids, and gerberas are some of the general favourites. Have them arranged in a bunch or order for an assortment of two or three of the favourite types. Keep in mind the person’s favourite colours too for your efforts in choosing the right flowers to indeed show to the recipient. Bright and vibrant hues instantly appeal to the mind when the mood is effervescent while subtle hues strike a chord with the heart.

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Make sure the presentation is neat and distinct. If you are making an online flower delivery in Delhi, make sure you convey the specifications clearly to the online florist so that the end package comes out just as beautiful as you wanted. The congratulatory message is very important as it will serve as a close reflection of your innermost feelings of joy. Spend some thought on it and get a lovely message ready.

Order a bouquet or a no-frills bunch today to suit the personality and taste of the recipient and you will give the person every reason to smile!



Planting in Fall Season

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In India, fall season usually is between October to November, when the rains start receding and the sky is clear. Although the plants seem to be in full bloom in spring season, however to set them in motion, it is imperative for you to plant their seeds in fall season. Plant your beautiful bulbs in this season to see them grow with the onset of spring. The cool winter weather allows the plants to start blooming well, since there is lesser number of pests and garden insects to trouble the plant.

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Let us have a look at some gorgeous plants that you can plant in fall season-

  • Lawn: Lay your low water lawn at this time to see it bloom in the coming months. With the soil remaining moist due to winter, it is easy to till and grow the lawn.
  • Shrubs: Plant your beautiful shrubs in this season and make sure they get plenty of light and a well-drained soil.
  • Pansies: These gorgeous flowers bloom in rich purple, yellow and white, well from fall straight into summer.
  • Garlic: Although easily available in the market, they are extremely flavourful when grown at home. By the time spring arrives they are well grown with their scallions, which are used in various food preparations.
  • Curry leaves: You will see that planting curry leaves gives you an added advantage of not purchasing them from outside. Plant them in fall-winter and see them start growing post January.
  • Sweet peas: These dainty flowers, if planted in fall season, will give bloom beautifully by spring. Enjoy these colourful delights in your own backyard.
  • Fall vegetables: Many vegetables thrive better if planted around August to mid-September like broccoli, radishes, lettuce, spinach, etc.

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Beautiful variety of fall plants ensures that you have a healthy and blooming garden at the end of the winter season. Enjoy seeing your garden become richer and fuller with these beautiful plants, but ensure that you water them properly, have a well-drained soil as well as provide them plenty of light in order to maintain them. We also specialise in online flower delivery in Delhi and other parts of India all through the year.

Let us celebrate the essence of Womanhood today

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Women hold an integral part of our society and our lives. We often do not give them their due; however, they are the true pillars of our lives. Their tolerance and hard work has helped every single person reach the platform they have today, either in the form of a mother, daughter, sister, wife or daughter. There unrelenting sacrifices and behind the scene working makes us who we are.

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To salute this glorious human being and to acknowledge their efforts, we at present some amazing bouquets to be gifted to that special woman in your life. We understand that women too need to be pampered and should be made to feel special every day. Flowers are a favourite amongst most women and you can enjoy their sweet fragrance in your house every day. Choose from a wide variety of fresh quality flowers to gift to that special woman in your life. Whether it is your wife or your mother or sister or daughter; there are many wonderful ways in which you can show your affection towards them. Create an online bouquet of amazing roses or a mixture of carnations and lilies or roses and carnations, birds of paradise, Gerberas, orchids, Dahlias, flowers with chocolates or flowers and cake combination, etc. There are a variety of amazing gift options that you can choose from to tell your special woman how much they mean to you.

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Have something special to day to her? Look no further and say it through the flowers of their choice with a beautiful message along with it. The gorgeous flowers speak volumes about your emotions and convey your feelings exactly the way you want. This International Women’s Day we help you make that extra effort to make your loved ones’ day even more special than you normally do. Have an amazing bouquet of flowers delivered online today!

Control Pests in your Garden Naturally

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Every garden is prone to pests and insects. These insects often end up spreading fungal infections or destroying your plants from their roots, completely. Be it pests or dogs or caterpillars, bees, etc. the list of these irritants is never-ending. However, there are various ways to control pests in your garden naturally.

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Let us have a look at ways to eliminate these pests and keep your garden healthy and beautiful always-

  • Check the root cause of the problem in your garden first before deciding on the course of action
  • If you notice the leaves turning brown, turn the soil and see if there are any unhealthy roots or rotten leaves at the base. Spray an organic pest control on the leaves to salvage the remaining ones. Ensure that they get enough fertilizer and sunshine along with water to grow well.
  • If your pests include dogs or Deer’s, install a mesh fence around the plants to keep them from being chewed.
  • Spray Neem oil to keep critters away
  • Use insecticidal soaps to keep insects away. You can also make your own ones at home with easily available home products.
  • Attract pest or insect eating birds by placing a bird bath or feeder near the garden so that the balance in your garden is well maintained.
  • Give plants space to grow and get rid of diseased plants in order to save the ones around it. Keep the leaves dry however keep the base moist at all times.
  • Remove weed from your plants regularly along with pruning their leaves. Lay traps for persistent pests by using easily available products at home or simply contact your nearest garden store to get the required supplies.

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These are some eco-friendly ways to remove pests and insects from your garden to keep it healthy. To know more about gardens and maintenance, visit us regularly at

We also specialise in online flower delivery in Delhi and other parts of India all through the year.

Make your Garden Colourful with these Flowers

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Flowers have long been known to be a great relaxant and mood changer for many of us. Having real flowers in the house brings a positivity that enhances the energy around us every day. Today we will acquaint you with a few flower varieties that you can plant at home to enjoy their beauty every day.

Roses: These ever beautiful flowers come in variety of colours and type like red, pink, white, yellow, peach, orange, etc. Although most of them can be grown at home, you need to ensure that you take proper care to keep them abloom through the year. Plenty of indirect sunlight and watering on alternate days with proper manure can ensure your flowers remain healthy.

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African Violets: These gorgeous beauties bloom almost through the year. They just need proper indirect sunlight and reasonable amount of water. Their small petals remind you of beautiful your grandmother because of their cosy and soft feel.

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Hibiscus: These beautiful flowers provide fullness to the plant and your decor that you would want to always grow them. They come in shades of orange to red to yellow, pink, blue as well as white. They require indoor light and will bloom really well if done so.

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Lipstick plant: This sub-variety of African violet looks great when hung from the ceiling because it is easy to grow with arching stems and dainty flowers that grow from branch tips.

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Geraniums: They make wonderful houseplants as they are very easy to take care of. With cool growing conditions, they have showy flowers that add beauty to your interiors.

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These are just a few of the many houseplants that can be easily grown by you. Regular maintenance and watering of these plants will ensure that your own personal garden blooming in no time.

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Key to a happier relationship

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Relationships- be it dating or marriage, are a beautiful part of our life and we take a lot of care and love to nurture it. This love goes a long way in making the relationship last with intimacy. The key to a healthy and happy relationship lies with you and your partner. Let us have a look at few points that lead to a happier and healthier relationship.

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  • Respect and acceptance: No one is perfect; everyone has some flaw or the other. If we learn to accept and respect the person despite such flaws, we are certainly heading to a healthy relationship.
  • Basic needs: Each one of us looks at an almost equal balance of emotion, passion and companionship. When you and partner share this feeling of absolute friendship you are headed towards a healthy relationship.
  • Argue, don’t fight: Arguing is very healthy for any relationship and if you do not then something is definitely wrong. Do not fight but argue as this makes your relationship stronger and better.
  • Spend time: Every relationship blossoms through time and age; to make this work you both need to be equally involved. Spend time with each other like going on date nights or watching a movie or just sitting and catching up on your day.
  • Problem solving: When you both work together, you can resolve the toughest problems without repercussions. This attribute works to build a healthy and happy relationship.
  • Interactions: It is always good to communicate in a relationship without hesitations. This can go a long way in making a relationship last longer and healthier. If you do no share your concerns with each other, it will become very difficult to survive.

These are the key points to a happy and healthy relationship that we all need to work upon. Every relationship is different and goes through challenges at some point in their life. A positive interaction, understanding each other, discussions and not reacting helps to build a stronger and sturdier relationship. Each relationship is different and needs affection in different ways. Figure your best way and take it forward from there!

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Show Your Romantic Streak to Your Partner without Breaking the Bank



Keeping the spark alive in a romantic relationship is very important and you must always look for ways to show how you appreciate each other every single day of the year. You don’t always need to splurge to make the time you spend with your loved one memorable. You can’t always think about going to expensive eat-outs or on trips abroad if your budget does not allow. Here’s a look at some inexpensive ways of making your lover feel special and keeping the flame of love burning in your relationship.


Cook him a romantic dinner with all his favorite items on the menu. If you want to make the experience more memorable, why not try cooking together and enjoying the company of each other during the meal! Another wonderful way of keeping the romance alive is by whizzing off on the highway for a long drive. Pack a picnic basket and halt at a nice location on the way to munch on some snacks and beverage while you enjoy talking to each other.

If your partner loves music and has some favorites, gift a personalized CD to him or her with the choicest of love songs to perk up the mood. Your lover will thank you for it. If it has been long since you have told your wife how much you love her, it’s time you remind her again with flowers. Order a small bunch at the florist or if you are out of town, send flowers to Delhi giving the online florist a preferred time for delivery.

If you both are working people and don’t find much time to spend with each other, send him or her a short and sweet email when your spouse is least expecting it. Besides giving a wonderful break from the stress at work, it perks up the mood and makes your partner look forward to meeting you at home.

If you live in a coastal town or city, it is absolutely romantic to take a walk on the shore and watch a beautiful sunset together. What’s more, a moonlit walk on the beach is equally romantic too!

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Which is the Most Important Relationship You Can Have in Your Life?

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Relationships have always held a lot of importance in the social framework. Be it relationships between mother and daughter, father and son, friends, or spouses, we cannot live without them. However, keeping all of these on one side, it’s the relationship you have with your own self that is most important.

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If you have a good self-image, it will help you fetch good results in different areas of your life. When you have poor self-esteem and consider yourself below average, then it shows on your body language and energy levels. The flip side of this is that the negative energy also radiates onto the people you interact with and they will see you just the same way as you see yourself. Thus, it is essential for you to build a healthy self-image and look at yourself as a go-getter.

You must learn to love your own self if you want to build high self-esteem. If you don’t love yourself, you will lack self-belief and self-trust. This will lead to anxiety and depression and have adverse effects on every area of your life.

It is important for you not to criticise yourself and stop worrying over everything trivial. Constant worrying weakens your thought process and fills you with negativity. Another critical virtue is to gain acceptance of the situation and people in your life, and be honest about your innermost feelings.

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Find hobbies that you look forward to pursuing. If you love being in the company of nature and plants, try gardening. If creativity excites you, try sewing or embroidery. If you love music, learn a favourite musical instrument. This will provide a positive transformation to your mind and body. Remember that relationships with others may not necessarily be permanent but what you share with your own self is going to be with you forever.

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How to handle jealousy in your friendship

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Here we FlowersAndyou will give you few tips about how to handle jealousy in your friendship:

Jealousy will appear in friendship. When you have a new relationship, whether it be a new boyfriend or girlfriend or just a new friend. Sometimes you get so involved in a new relationship, and suddenly you start giving your all time to your new relationship. So keep in mind never replace old relationship for new.

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Include your friend sometimes. If you do have a new relationship, make sure to invite your friend too sometimes. This is fact that, you don’t always want another person involve if you’re dating someone, but creating a group environment sometimes, one where you can invite your friend along, will make your friend feel special.

Let the person know what you are experiencing, being in a new relationship has nothing to do with not liking the old friend, whether your new relationship is a friendship or dating situation. Tell the person you’re not trying to replace your old relationship for new. Rather, you just tell them that you are getting experience to spend time with all kinds of people.

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End the relationship. A final option is ending the relationship. If your friend is constantly jealous of your new relationships, then he or she is not being a very good friend of you. You don’t have to continue having that kind of negativity in your life. A friendship means to understand each other in every situation and not get jealous if you feel good in a new relationship.

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6 Budget-friendly ways to celebrate Valentines’ Day

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Most of us perceive Valentines’ Day to be a very expensive and futile day. Even though we believe in the concept of this day; however, spending heavily every year, fails to impress most of us. For all of us who like to keep it short and sweet but at the same time make sure that both of us enjoy this equally, here are some budget friendly ways to go about celebrating Valentines’ day.


Red heart drawing on hands of couple

Red heart drawing on hands of couple


  1. Avoid frenzy– Don’t go into a spending frenzy just to impress him / her. Try getting something more subtle that probably both of your will enjoy. Giving each other that special attention is more beautiful than any other material gift.
  2. Go Minimum– So you planned to gift her a dozen or more of roses to tell her how much you love her; however, that is probably not what was required to tell her your feeling. Instead try gifting her one rose in a romantic way like a movie star and see the blush on her face.
  3. Share the Chore– Usually in couples, the women end up doing most of the work at home even if the men think they are volunteering. How about writing little notes or vouchers of promises to do something that she does for a limited time. We are sure that will bring a smile on her face.
  4. Go back in time– If you have spend a considerable amount of time together, then we are sure you will have plenty of memories to exchange. How about compiling a CD or Album of all those memories that you spent together and gifting it. You can make this at home as well with material that you have.
  5. Order In and Spend time– There is nothing better today than spending time with each other. How about a run of your favourite movies together and share a couch and ice cream while doing so! It is probably the best way to relax and unwind together.
  6. Create an evening at home– Cook for her and open a bottle of wine and share a candlelight dinner to enjoy this day better.

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