Planting in Fall Season

In India, fall season usually is between October to November, when the rains start receding and the sky is clear. Although the plants seem to be in full bloom in spring season, however to set them in motion, it is imperative for you to plant their seeds in fall season. Plant your beautiful bulbs in this season to see them grow with the onset of spring. The cool winter weather allows the plants to start blooming well, since there is lesser number of pests and garden insects to trouble the plant.

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Let us have a look at some gorgeous plants that you can plant in fall season-

  • Lawn: Lay your low water lawn at this time to see it bloom in the coming months. With the soil remaining moist due to winter, it is easy to till and grow the lawn.
  • Shrubs: Plant your beautiful shrubs in this season and make sure they get plenty of light and a well-drained soil.
  • Pansies: These gorgeous flowers bloom in rich purple, yellow and white, well from fall straight into summer.
  • Garlic: Although easily available in the market, they are extremely flavourful when grown at home. By the time spring arrives they are well grown with their scallions, which are used in various food preparations.
  • Curry leaves: You will see that planting curry leaves gives you an added advantage of not purchasing them from outside. Plant them in fall-winter and see them start growing post January.
  • Sweet peas: These dainty flowers, if planted in fall season, will give bloom beautifully by spring. Enjoy these colourful delights in your own backyard.
  • Fall vegetables: Many vegetables thrive better if planted around August to mid-September like broccoli, radishes, lettuce, spinach, etc.

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Beautiful variety of fall plants ensures that you have a healthy and blooming garden at the end of the winter season. Enjoy seeing your garden become richer and fuller with these beautiful plants, but ensure that you water them properly, have a well-drained soil as well as provide them plenty of light in order to maintain them. We also specialise in online flower delivery in Delhi and other parts of India all through the year.