Show Your Romantic Streak to Your Partner without Breaking the Bank


  Keeping the spark alive in a romantic relationship is very important and you must always look for ways to show how you appreciate each other every single day of the year. You don’t always need to splurge to make the time you spend with your loved one memorable. You can’t always think about going Continue reading


Which is the Most Important Relationship You Can Have in Your Life?

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Relationships have always held a lot of importance in the social framework. Be it relationships between mother and daughter, father and son, friends, or spouses, we cannot live without them. However, keeping all of these on one side, it’s the relationship you have with your own self that is most important. If you have a Continue reading

What does Valentine’s Day actually mean?


Celebrated on 14th February, Valentine’s Day marks a celebration of romance, affection, and true care for your loved one, spouse, or lover. The origin of this celebration dates back centuries and involves the legend of St. Valentine. The tradition is to give flowers, cards, and gifts on this day to your loved ones. An online Continue reading

How to handle jealousy in your friendship

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Here we FlowersAndyou will give you few tips about how to handle jealousy in your friendship: Jealousy will appear in friendship. When you have a new relationship, whether it be a new boyfriend or girlfriend or just a new friend. Sometimes you get so involved in a new relationship, and suddenly you start giving your Continue reading

Chocolate Bouquet – For Those Who Have a Sweet Tooth

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A chocolate flower bouquet is a hot favourite with people today and has been seeing an immense rise in popularity, especially during occasions such as Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. This two-in-one present makes a delightful combo of chocolates and handmade flowers. The amount of creativity that goes into a chocolate Continue reading

Buy budget gifts for women or girls under Rs.1000

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Buying gifts for women is probably the trickiest thing to do for any guy and if you are on a tight budget then you really have to think hard! Most of the women or girls love gifts and if it is something that they are expecting, it is even better. However, you may not always Continue reading

6 Budget-friendly ways to celebrate Valentines’ Day

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Most of us perceive Valentines’ Day to be a very expensive and futile day. Even though we believe in the concept of this day; however, spending heavily every year, fails to impress most of us. For all of us who like to keep it short and sweet but at the same time make sure that Continue reading

Marigold, the flower, the significance, the history

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Not every flower has a symbol feature but if some flowers have, then they gives the biggest message which comes from the smallest and most common flowers of garden.  Marigold  also have the biggest meaning which means a lot more than you think from the first impression these Marigolds make and you can order these Continue reading