Key to a happier relationship

Relationships- be it dating or marriage, are a beautiful part of our life and we take a lot of care and love to nurture it. This love goes a long way in making the relationship last with intimacy. The key to a healthy and happy relationship lies with you and your partner. Let us have a look at few points that lead to a happier and healthier relationship.

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  • Respect and acceptance: No one is perfect; everyone has some flaw or the other. If we learn to accept and respect the person despite such flaws, we are certainly heading to a healthy relationship.
  • Basic needs: Each one of us looks at an almost equal balance of emotion, passion and companionship. When you and partner share this feeling of absolute friendship you are headed towards a healthy relationship.
  • Argue, don’t fight: Arguing is very healthy for any relationship and if you do not then something is definitely wrong. Do not fight but argue as this makes your relationship stronger and better.
  • Spend time: Every relationship blossoms through time and age; to make this work you both need to be equally involved. Spend time with each other like going on date nights or watching a movie or just sitting and catching up on your day.
  • Problem solving: When you both work together, you can resolve the toughest problems without repercussions. This attribute works to build a healthy and happy relationship.
  • Interactions: It is always good to communicate in a relationship without hesitations. This can go a long way in making a relationship last longer and healthier. If you do no share your concerns with each other, it will become very difficult to survive.

These are the key points to a happy and healthy relationship that we all need to work upon. Every relationship is different and goes through challenges at some point in their life. A positive interaction, understanding each other, discussions and not reacting helps to build a stronger and sturdier relationship. Each relationship is different and needs affection in different ways. Figure your best way and take it forward from there!

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