Control Pests in your Garden Naturally

Every garden is prone to pests and insects. These insects often end up spreading fungal infections or destroying your plants from their roots, completely. Be it pests or dogs or caterpillars, bees, etc. the list of these irritants is never-ending. However, there are various ways to control pests in your garden naturally.

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Let us have a look at ways to eliminate these pests and keep your garden healthy and beautiful always-

  • Check the root cause of the problem in your garden first before deciding on the course of action
  • If you notice the leaves turning brown, turn the soil and see if there are any unhealthy roots or rotten leaves at the base. Spray an organic pest control on the leaves to salvage the remaining ones. Ensure that they get enough fertilizer and sunshine along with water to grow well.
  • If your pests include dogs or Deer’s, install a mesh fence around the plants to keep them from being chewed.
  • Spray Neem oil to keep critters away
  • Use insecticidal soaps to keep insects away. You can also make your own ones at home with easily available home products.
  • Attract pest or insect eating birds by placing a bird bath or feeder near the garden so that the balance in your garden is well maintained.
  • Give plants space to grow and get rid of diseased plants in order to save the ones around it. Keep the leaves dry however keep the base moist at all times.
  • Remove weed from your plants regularly along with pruning their leaves. Lay traps for persistent pests by using easily available products at home or simply contact your nearest garden store to get the required supplies.

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These are some eco-friendly ways to remove pests and insects from your garden to keep it healthy. To know more about gardens and maintenance, visit us regularly at

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