What does Valentine’s Day actually mean?


Celebrated on 14th February, Valentine’s Day marks a celebration of romance, affection, and true care for your loved one, spouse, or lover. The origin of this celebration dates back centuries and involves the legend of St. Valentine. The tradition is to give flowers, cards, and gifts on this day to your loved ones. An online Continue reading


Valentine’s week: this Valentine’s Day “Gift Roses to someone you love”

valentine week

The symbolism behind flowers started with the Victorians, who developed the language of flowers. These days, very few people remember the language of flowers, but the symbolism remains. That’s why each shade of roses says something a little different. This Valentine’s Day, visit www.flowersanyou.com and convey your innermost feelings. Say it with flowers and you Continue reading

Why flowers are important for your occasions

Why flowers are important for your occasions

Edwin Curran, a well known poet once wrote in his poem, Flowers that “Flowers are the music of the ground from earth’s lip spoken without sound.” Each flower has its own significance. And also, different colors of the flowers convey different emotions. It is the flowers that bring joy and lit up everyone’s faces be Continue reading

Send Flowers in India with Flowers and You

Send Flowers in India with Flowers and You

We all know that flowers have a unique ability to make people smile. No matter what quantity of flowers is presented to a person or a group or even and institution, the amount of happiness does not diminish. As a matter of fact, it has been scientifically proven that flowers have unique bond with humans Continue reading

Top Romantic Birthday Gifts for Wife

Top Romantic Birthday Gifts for Wife

Anyone in a relationship would agree that it is the little moments that count the most. However when it comes to the big occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, the expectations are almost intimidating. You want your partner to feel loved and cared for and you want their special day to be perfect. The element of Continue reading

The Power of Flowers: Why Flowers Are The Finest Gift For Any Occasion

The Power of Flowers

There is no point of doubt or argument about the fact that flowers are the finest gifts to be given to anyone and at any occasion. When you send flowers to India, you are actually acknowledging the universally recognized power of expression through these floral beauties. There can be several numbers of reasons as to Continue reading

My Wife’s First Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth

Nothing is more fascinating to a married Hindu woman than the popular traditional words “Karwa Chauth”.  This is a festival that is mostly celebrated in India’s North Western region as one of the most popular one-day fasting occasions. Newly wed brides as well other wives celebrate it every year as a belief that their husbands Continue reading

Never Say You’re Sorry – Unless You Mean It

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Interacting with other humans at some point does require or create good reason to ask for apologies. However, saying sorry over and over even on petty matters dilutes the effect of the very term robbing it of its true essence that is supposed to be one sincere way of asking for forgiveness. Sorry is not Continue reading