How Flower Industry Has Grown to Occupy a Vital Position in the Economy


People today give a lot of importance to the celebration of special occasions and flowers are always an essential component. The focus of people has shifted from finding flowers an obligation or an unnecessary purchase to buying out of own whims for their aesthetic value.


Special occasions, weddings, graduation ceremonies, and funerals – all demand the use of the best quality flowers for décor, presentations, and floral gifts. Gifting flowers is a wonderful gesture and you will find several florists competing for the attention of buyers. Online florists play a crucial rule in catering to the market segment that prefers ordering of fresh flowers from the comfort of their homes or offices and from their desktops, tablets, or smartphones. If your loved one stays in another city, you can avail the services of a florist online to send flowers to Delhi or any other major city.

The result of flowers being a sought after gift to loved ones makes the floral industry hold a commendable place in the economy. Being an industry that has grown by leaps and bounds, there have been many factors that have been contributing to this growth. Hand held devices have simplified placing orders and making payment at just a few clicks on the phone or tablet. If it’s your girlfriend’s birthday today and you remembered it just a while back, you could still salvage the situation by quickly ordering flowers for her on your phone. Order flower delivery in Delhi and specify the date and time you want the delivery at your loved one’s doorstep.

The spending power of people has increased and gifting flowers is considered a thoughtful gesture. The notion of floral gifting being a frivolous idea since flowers are perishable and live just a few days has changed and more and more people are seen seeking the help of floral designers to get exclusive bouquets designed. More and more flowers are being locally grown to cater to the growing market segment. Imported flowers are also much in demand owing to the growing inclination towards exotic varieties and colours.

The floral industry indeed has a bright future and will see a continuous yet steady growth thanks to flowers decking up celebrations and making occasions more special.


Top qualities women look for in their men


Women have for long been known to be one of the most perplex species created by God Almighty. However, when it comes to their men and their choices, they have a pretty good laundry list of all the attributes they want their Man to possess. Let us help you shed some light on some essential qualities that women want their men to possess.


  1. Passion: Win over your lady with your passion and zeal! These qualities make you more attractive than regular men. Women love to see intense passion in their man, emotionally and physically.
  2. Confidence: Women love to show off and be beside a confident man. The way they talk and carry themselves speaks volumes about their self esteem.
  3. Humour: Women love men with a good sense of humour. It helps them to unwind even in the tensest situations.
  4. Faithful: In a world where cheating and lying has become second nature for most people; women cherish a relationship more if they know that her man is utterly faithful to her.
  5. Mysterious: Women like excitement and what is better is if her man has a slight mysterious aura around him! Being secretive does not necessarily amount to lying but creating an impression of not telling everything to her. Slow revelation works best.
  6. Altruistic: Being selfless with time and money is something that women really look forward in their man. Money means donations and charity whereas time means being a helpful ear or a shoulder to lean on. Don’t go overboard or else it will backfire!
  7. Kindness: Being kind is another trait that women love in their man. Not only do they enjoy a great relationship but feel secure with a man who treats them right and with respect.

With all these qualities under your hat, you are sure to win over your woman in your special way. To show her how much you care, send her special flowers online and see that smile spread across her face. Now delivers flowers online to Noida and NCR at your behest.

Show Your Romantic Streak to Your Partner without Breaking the Bank



Keeping the spark alive in a romantic relationship is very important and you must always look for ways to show how you appreciate each other every single day of the year. You don’t always need to splurge to make the time you spend with your loved one memorable. You can’t always think about going to expensive eat-outs or on trips abroad if your budget does not allow. Here’s a look at some inexpensive ways of making your lover feel special and keeping the flame of love burning in your relationship.


Cook him a romantic dinner with all his favorite items on the menu. If you want to make the experience more memorable, why not try cooking together and enjoying the company of each other during the meal! Another wonderful way of keeping the romance alive is by whizzing off on the highway for a long drive. Pack a picnic basket and halt at a nice location on the way to munch on some snacks and beverage while you enjoy talking to each other.

If your partner loves music and has some favorites, gift a personalized CD to him or her with the choicest of love songs to perk up the mood. Your lover will thank you for it. If it has been long since you have told your wife how much you love her, it’s time you remind her again with flowers. Order a small bunch at the florist or if you are out of town, send flowers to Delhi giving the online florist a preferred time for delivery.

If you both are working people and don’t find much time to spend with each other, send him or her a short and sweet email when your spouse is least expecting it. Besides giving a wonderful break from the stress at work, it perks up the mood and makes your partner look forward to meeting you at home.

If you live in a coastal town or city, it is absolutely romantic to take a walk on the shore and watch a beautiful sunset together. What’s more, a moonlit walk on the beach is equally romantic too!

Flowers and You is a reputed online florist that values your occasions and offers a wonderful collection of flowers and gifts you can even send ‘just because’. If your love is away from you and you wish to tell him or her how much you care, do it with a flower delivery in Delhi. Get innovative and think of novel ways of keeping the romance quotient high in your relationship!

Make this Valentine’s Day special with your family


Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love and life and it is not mentioned anywhere that we have to celebrate it as couples only. Valentine’s day celebration extends to your family and kids as well. So make this memorable and special for your Family so that you all have a beautiful day together and some great memories to reminisce in time to come.


Share meal together: Make this Valentine’s Day special for your kids by preparing their favorite breakfast or meal keeping the days’ theme in mind. Red Strawberries or heart shaped bread with fruit jam or small red muffins will surely be a treat for your little children.

Treasure hunt: We all have played treasure hunt during parties at some point or another; how about doing the same at home with your kids! Put out little heart shaped notes or clues everywhere in the house and make sure that your kids enjoy the finding them.


Scrapbook: If your kids are a little older then gifting them with a memory of photographs in the form of scrapbook. Put cute headings and cute pictures so that this day becomes special for them and they can also enjoy the memories of their childhood with you. You can decorate it with stickers, cut-outs and unique doodles to make their scrapbook special and unique.

Bake together: With girls around it is always a little bit more fun to enjoy the small things in life. Most little girls get fascinated by baking cakes and muffins at home and want to do it more often with you. Make it special by baking cute heart-shaped cakes together and decorate with them with red icing if possible.

Lunch-Box surprises: Create heart-shaped food items for them by cutting them with a cookie cutter and see their face light up at school. They are going to be proud of carrying these beautiful creations of Tikki’s or Paratha’s or Cakes cut in heart shape.

Kids Time: Let your child choose the activity that he or she enjoys and do it together on Valentine’s Day. They will not only feel extra special but you will be pleasantly surprised how engaging and fun it can be for both of you.

So make your valentine day special with your family and FlowersAndYou.

This Article is written by Vishal Kumar from FlowersAndYou. They are pioneer in Flowers delivery services. Remember us if u wish to send flowers to Noida.

10 Reasons to Shop from Flowers And You

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Occasions become even more special when you celebrate them with your loved ones. Celebrations call for gifting and that’s when you need the services of a trusted service provider who can give you great gift ideas for making the day special for your loved one. Flowers And You is your very own online gift store that helps you transport smiles to your friends and family.

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  1. Flowers And You is your one-stop destination

We provide everything from fresh cut flowers to cakes, gifts, and chocolates to help you make a well informed choice. Send flowers to Noida if your girlfriend has relocated there and overcome the distance barrier.

  1. Forget queues and crowded markets

Now you don’t need to stand in queues or traverse through the crowded lanes looking for that perfect gift in the market, when you have it all under one roof in our virtual store!

  1. Professional services at affordable cost

We have great gifting options for your budget and occasion. Browse through our listings and rest assured to find the best within your budget.

  1. We make time bound deliveries

We value time and believe in adhering to customer specifications. We have the right network to deliver your bouquet or gift at a specified time.


  1. Customize flowers the way you want

You can choose the flowers you want in a floral arrangement design and the colors your loved one will like. Going the extra mile will add to the smiles and you can make flower delivery in Noida keeping in mind the changing trends and seasons.

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in nothing less than absolute satisfaction of our customers and we are committed to serving our customers with a customer-centric attitude.

  1. Wide selection of gifts, cakes, and floral designs

Flowers And You has an extensive selection of flower arrangements, cakes, and gifts for you to choose from. You name it and we have it!

  1. User friendly E-Commerce platform

Our website is easy to navigate and you can quickly checkout after placing your order after a series of steps. Category divisions that allow shopping flowers by type, colour, or relation make shopping highly convenient and precise. You can also shop gifts by occasion to get precise results of items that suit a particular occasion.

  1. We are available round the clock

We work round the clock to multiply the joys of your loved ones and our well-connected network makes sure we deliver flowers, cakes, and gifts at any time of the day or night you specify. Order flower delivery in Noida and just sit back and relax while our enthusiastic delivery person delivers it to your sweetie just when the clock strikes 12!

  1. We are just a call, Whatsapp, or chat away!

Last but certainly not the least; reach us from anywhere, anytime whenever you wish to widen smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

10 Things You Need to Know About Flowers And You

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The busy life of today usually holds people back from celebrating with their loved ones. They are often left with little or no time to prepare; and last minute rush may not really work. This is where your trusted online florist comes to your rescue. A professional online florist such as Flowers And You maintains a user-friendly portal offering a wide choice of flowers, cakes, and gifts helping you send flowers to Noida.
Knowing the below pointers will strengthen your belief in us.

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1. Same day flower delivery
Did you suddenly remember that your sweetheart’s birthday is today and are you willing to do anything to escape her wrath? No worries! We are just a call away.
2. Midnight service
Our enthusiastic boys work round the clock to make occasions special for you and your loved ones. If you want a bouquet or cake to be delivered just when the clock strikes 12, just let us know and rest assured.
3. Free standard delivery
Besides allowing you to place orders online from the comfort of your space, Flowers and You will not charge for delivering flowers to your doorstep when you want flower delivery in Noida.
4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Committed to serving our customers to the best of our potential, Flowers And You makes sure we never let you down. We value your occasions as much as you do!
5. Handpicked Fresh Cut Flowers
Our organically cultivated flowers are plucked fresh for orders and we take pride in the fact that our customers have always appreciated us for the quality that goes into each floral arrangement.

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6. 100% secure payments
Each time you pay for your order through our payment gateway, you can be assured that your private information is safe. Your bank information is encrypted to make sure nothing is shared with any third party.
7. Four hour flower delivery
It just takes us four hours for us from the time of receipt of your order to get your package ready and deliver it to the doorstep of your loved one.
8. Customization  available
If you need online flower delivery in Noida for your ladylove who is picky about her choice of flowers and colours, FNU can design her arrangement just the way she wants.
9. Largest selection of designer and theme based cakes, gifts, and flowers
FNU offers handpicked gifts, flowers, and cake designs to suit every occasion and celebration, keeping your emotions in the highest regard.
10. Best online shopping experience
Our user-friendly portal makes it easy for you to choose flowers by colour, type, or occasion. You can also choose cakes by type, weight, or occasion. What’s more, money-saver combos help you double the joys of your loved one.
Count on Flowers And You for making your celebrations special!

Send cakes to Noida


Have you ever dreamed to make an easy delivery of your things with appropriateness? Then, it’s time you choose the online mode of shopping and delivery for your items. Thanks to the internet age as many of our works get done by hitting some keys or through few clicks. Owing to the internet, anyone can now frequently shop online irrespective of time and place.


Go active; Shop online!

Shopping online is easy, consumes less time to go through different categories and also provide big relief on the budget. Thus, send flowers to Noida with some gifting items and an amazing yet flavoured cake near to your dear ones on their special day and bring happiness to their face instantly. You are free to see all the categories and drop-down list full of several cakes at the online gifting websites.

Surprisingly, these websites are available with various kinds of luscious cakes ranging from regular, egg less to fruit and photo cakes. Order them and get them delivered the way you want it. Almost all types and sizes of cakes you will find in these websites. So, choose according to your preference and budget. The speciality of photo cakes is you can use photos on the cakes to make them customised.

noida 11111

It’s your call for amusement!

Getting things online is cheaper and provide easiness in delivering them irrespective of the locality. The online gifting websites are today the preferred choices for people as they are easy-to-understand and easy-to-use. The cakes that you will find in their inventory will never fail anyone to excite and surprise their recipients. Therefore, do flower delivery in Noida on any occasion and give them a reason to remember your love and care.