Key to a happier relationship

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Relationships- be it dating or marriage, are a beautiful part of our life and we take a lot of care and love to nurture it. This love goes a long way in making the relationship last with intimacy. The key to a healthy and happy relationship lies with you and your partner. Let us have a look at few points that lead to a happier and healthier relationship.

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  • Respect and acceptance: No one is perfect; everyone has some flaw or the other. If we learn to accept and respect the person despite such flaws, we are certainly heading to a healthy relationship.
  • Basic needs: Each one of us looks at an almost equal balance of emotion, passion and companionship. When you and partner share this feeling of absolute friendship you are headed towards a healthy relationship.
  • Argue, don’t fight: Arguing is very healthy for any relationship and if you do not then something is definitely wrong. Do not fight but argue as this makes your relationship stronger and better.
  • Spend time: Every relationship blossoms through time and age; to make this work you both need to be equally involved. Spend time with each other like going on date nights or watching a movie or just sitting and catching up on your day.
  • Problem solving: When you both work together, you can resolve the toughest problems without repercussions. This attribute works to build a healthy and happy relationship.
  • Interactions: It is always good to communicate in a relationship without hesitations. This can go a long way in making a relationship last longer and healthier. If you do no share your concerns with each other, it will become very difficult to survive.

These are the key points to a happy and healthy relationship that we all need to work upon. Every relationship is different and goes through challenges at some point in their life. A positive interaction, understanding each other, discussions and not reacting helps to build a stronger and sturdier relationship. Each relationship is different and needs affection in different ways. Figure your best way and take it forward from there!

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What does Valentine’s Day actually mean?


Celebrated on 14th February, Valentine’s Day marks a celebration of romance, affection, and true care for your loved one, spouse, or lover. The origin of this celebration dates back centuries and involves the legend of St. Valentine. The tradition is to give flowers, cards, and gifts on this day to your loved ones. An online florist will help you send flowers to Noida and make the day special for your sweetheart.

In the third century, Rome was ruled by Emperor Claudius II Gothic who was a cruel and heartless ruler. During his regime, he fought wars one after another and there reached a point when he could not recruit soldiers any further. The King thought that his men were unwilling to join his army as soldiers since they didn’t want to leave their lovers and families behind. Hence, he made a law that no one should get engaged or married in his kingdom.


A Christian priest named Valentine defied the tyrant Emperor’s orders and helped the soldiers by marrying them off secretly before they went to war. When Claudius found out about this, he ordered that Valentine should be put behind bars and executed. Incidentally, Valentine happened to fall in love with a blind girl who was the jailer’s daughter. He wrote a sonnet for her in ink squeezed from violets and her vision became fine miraculously. However, their happiness did not last long because Valentine was executed the next day. Valentine was given sainthood by the Catholic Church and from then on Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great zeal and fervor as a celebration of love and companionship.

The actual meaning of this day would be to keep the flame of love burning each day of the year and use its true spirit to spread cheer and love among your loved ones. Online florists contribute immensely to making this day special for you and your loved ones. You can buy a bouquet and give it to your ladylove personally or order a flower delivery in Noida if she is out of town. Make every relationship count and tell your loved ones how you value them this Valentine’s Day!

Best Way to Express Your Love to Your Sister

Send Raksha Bandhan Flowers

Send Raksha Bandhan FlowersA daughter is a the treasure of a mother, the pride and joy of a father and also a sister to the brother who will always have someone as a friend to play and tease and someone to count on in his hard times. No one will understand this better than a brother who has a sister or two, be it elder or younger. May be that is the reason that some brothers who live away from their sisters, Send flower online merely to tell her that they miss her. Most of the brothers consider themselves lucky to have an elder sister who taught them when they were kids and guided them through their rough patch of life. They consider their sisters as their role models and look up to them for counsel. It is always a good thing to send flower online to the sister whose presence adds charm to everyone’s life and especially in the life of their brothers.


The busy life and hectic schedules have made it difficult to take out time to spend some time and even festivals together with the family. The brothers no matter where they are, from every corner of the world make every possible attempt to get together on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a festival that cherishes the bond of brother and sisters. The Raksha Bandhan is the time when the brothers get a chance to express how much they love their sisters. And, sisters keep their hopes up to meet their brothers and expectations to receive their Rakhi gifts. Brothers have a hard time running from stores to stores in search of that one perfect gift, while some often send flower online that brings a bright smile and fills the heart of their sisters with joy.


The technology has helped to keep up with the relationships and maintain this inseparable bond. The brothers who live in different cities and don’t get a chance to see their sisters due to work take help from the different available web sites that provide the facility to Send flower to Delhi and other cities. A flower bouquet or even a simple rose brings smile to every girls even the sisters. And, this does the simple trick and helps to bring joy on the sister’s face. There are other websites that give the facility to send flower online along with the gifts. There are also various other options available like flower bouquet, flower box and other shapes and styles of flower bouquet that a brother can choose when they send flower online for their sisters. Though choosing an ideal gift can be a tough task but what matters the most is the affection and love that is conveyed through the gifts. It is not the pricey gift that matters but the efforts that are put in to send the gift. The brothers not only for the occasion of Raksha Bandshan but any time of the year can send flower online to express their affection for their sisters and tell her that they love her.

Personalize your Gifts with Amazing Ideas


send personalize gifts to indiaGifting is a way of expressing our love to our loved ones and also to strengthen our relations at personal, social and professional levels. The act of gifting or when you send flowers to Delhi also enables us to congratulate or encourage people for their achievements or as a means of bidding farewell to those who are leaving for another city or country for a long time. Considering the value of this experience, it becomes extremely important to choose the right thing to be presented to a person. Though it is true that the intention and thought that is put into the whole idea matters the most but there is another thing that cannot be denied which is the fact that the receiver of the gift should also feel happy with what he or she has received.


The world of e-commerce has made life really easier. Now you can send flowers to Delhi, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka and so on right when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home. Also, there are online sites that would not only allow you to, let’s say, send flowers to Delhi, but also would make it possible for you to choose the way you would want the delivery to be scheduled. There can be combo deals and packs that you can select and order right at the time you decide to send flowers to Delhi as that also helps you in saving money and availing discounts.


The idea to buy cakes, chocolates, idols and other products via online stores works very well in cases of emergencies or when you do not have the time to put extra thought into what you would want to gift apart from the way you send flowers to Delhi and other places. However, you could make the entire experience more personal and good by opting for personalized presents. At the time you browse through several of the multiple offers and deals at various sites to send flowers to Delhi, you can very easily also look for services that let you personalize the products that you buy.



Personalized products add an extra touch of love and magic to any gift idea. All you need to do is explore all the possibilities. Some ideas can include specially designed diaries and stationery, crystal ware with laser engraving, personalized tool kits and other bespoke options in jewellery, clothing, shoes and even gadgets. Personalized gifts add an element of something very special and conveys the idea that you are presenting a person with something that they can truly be their own. You can expect a very positive and happy reaction on the part of your loved ones if you choose to give them personalized gifts. You can send flowers to Delhi if you are sending these gifts and you can also send a combo of cakes and chocolates if you wish so and are not able to meet them due to any circumstances. So, it is time to change the conventional presents and bring in something even better.