Best friends!A tag or forever

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We regularly underestimate how valuable a thing it is to be a best friend, what number of individuals can’t uninhibitedly utilize that term, what number of have never encountered that extremely specific sort of love. When you consider it, to articulate somebody in your life as being more essential than those different friends by one Continue reading



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Is this “terrible”? Well it relies upon what you and the other individual want. Customarily the lady needs to be in bf/gf relationship and the person does all that he can to remain out of one. He will give in the event that he turns out to be excessively dependant on her as a companion Continue reading

Congratulate Your Loved Ones with Flowers

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Has your son or daughter fared well in higher studies or got a promotion of late? Boy, will you feel overjoyed at the achievement! Several instances in life call for a celebration. If a friend’s wedding got recently fixed or if a loved one has been blessed with a healthy baby or someone you are Continue reading

Planting in Fall Season

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In India, fall season usually is between October to November, when the rains start receding and the sky is clear. Although the plants seem to be in full bloom in spring season, however to set them in motion, it is imperative for you to plant their seeds in fall season. Plant your beautiful bulbs in Continue reading

How Flower Industry Has Grown to Occupy a Vital Position in the Economy


People today give a lot of importance to the celebration of special occasions and flowers are always an essential component. The focus of people has shifted from finding flowers an obligation or an unnecessary purchase to buying out of own whims for their aesthetic value. Special occasions, weddings, graduation ceremonies, and funerals – all demand Continue reading

Let us celebrate the essence of Womanhood today

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Women hold an integral part of our society and our lives. We often do not give them their due; however, they are the true pillars of our lives. Their tolerance and hard work has helped every single person reach the platform they have today, either in the form of a mother, daughter, sister, wife or Continue reading

Top qualities women look for in their men


Women have for long been known to be one of the most perplex species created by God Almighty. However, when it comes to their men and their choices, they have a pretty good laundry list of all the attributes they want their Man to possess. Let us help you shed some light on some essential Continue reading

Control Pests in your Garden Naturally

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Every garden is prone to pests and insects. These insects often end up spreading fungal infections or destroying your plants from their roots, completely. Be it pests or dogs or caterpillars, bees, etc. the list of these irritants is never-ending. However, there are various ways to control pests in your garden naturally. Let us have Continue reading

Make your Garden Colourful with these Flowers

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Flowers have long been known to be a great relaxant and mood changer for many of us. Having real flowers in the house brings a positivity that enhances the energy around us every day. Today we will acquaint you with a few flower varieties that you can plant at home to enjoy their beauty every Continue reading

Key to a happier relationship

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Relationships- be it dating or marriage, are a beautiful part of our life and we take a lot of care and love to nurture it. This love goes a long way in making the relationship last with intimacy. The key to a healthy and happy relationship lies with you and your partner. Let us have Continue reading